Friday, February 10, 2012

Improve Your Life Through Exercise

By Matt Moore

Do you feel sluggish in the morning and you just don’t want to get out of bed?
When you are awake, do you spend most of your time sitting in front of a TV clicking through the channels and not really using your time wisely?
Is your idea of exercise, one that involves going and getting the mail?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then you’re well on your way to realizing your full potential.

Let’s take a journey.  Now, you may be asking yourself, “Yeah I know about exercise, but it makes me tired, sore and sometimes cranky.” I bet you have come up with many excuses to avoid going out and exercising.
Such as… it is too expensive to join the athletic club near me?  I don’t know what to do, to even get started?  Or the favorite excuse of everyone, “there is just not enough time to do exercise in my schedule?”
Well here are some answers to get you motivated and well on your way:

1)      Exercise will improve your overall health, by lowering your blood pressure, and decreasing your risk of stroke.
2)     If done on a regular basis you could experience weight loss, and an increased self image.
3)     It will give you the needed energy to go out and do the things that you have always wanted to do. Such as, go camping or hiking in the mountains, play with your kids, or just being able to run up the stairs to answer the phone without being winded.
4)     The best part is that exercising is “free” you do not need a fancy gym membership, just go out for a stroll, run, jump, and play in the park, do some yard work, park in the furthest spot away from the store you are going into.

All it takes to get yourself up and out of the house is some initiative of your own.
I hope that you are now more inclined to go out and enjoy the day and I challenge you to get off the couch and enjoy yourself in the activity you choose to do!
Just remember, there is no special pill on the market today that will give you the benefits that exercise can.

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