Our Program

KidFit Series:

Our KidFit Series has been developed to be held as an after school program at elementary schools or similar organizations for the duration of a 6-week period. During that time we will meet for 60 minutes, two times each week. Throughout each session we will demonstrate fundamental exercise and nutritional concepts in a fun, interactive setting. The program will be fast-paced and engaging for all age groups ranging for K-6th grade.

Healthy Choices Seminar:

Our Healthy Choices Seminar will be held as a two-hour evening program for parents and kids. The concepts and format of presentation will be similar to our KidFit Series; but will be held in a condensed format. 

What We Teach:

During our programs, we strive to teach the fundamentals of health and wellness through the teaching of proper nutrition and movement. 

Some of the nutritional lessons that we teach involve proper macronutrients(protein, good fats, and carbohydrates), how to build a meal, proper water intake, calcium, etc.

Throughout our exercise portion, we strive to instill cognitive development and coordinated movements in kids. The concepts we address are squatting, running, jumping and landing, single-leg movements, picking up objects with proper form, throwing, catching, etc.

All programs involve interactive Games and lessons that are fast-paced and engaging for kids of all age groups.