The Team

The Club
Our team consists purely of Palmer Chiropractic College West students who volunteer time out of their incredibly busy schedules to serve the community around them. Our team meets weekly to discuss current goals and to prepare for upcoming programs.

Club Council:

Matt Smith - President/Exercise Program Manager

I am a second year student at Palmer Chiropractic College. Before coming to Palmer, I studied at University of Redlands. I am also certified through The National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and a Personal Trainer and have worked in the health and fitness industry for five years now. During that time, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to make some great friends and assist a wide variety of people in reaching their personal health goals. I am pursuing a career as a doctor of chiropractic to further my efforts in making an impact on people’s lives and spreading the good word of health and wellness.  I am a part of The Kidnetics Team because I have a huge passion for health and people. I am excited about our mission to educate and improve the community of San Jose and look forward to continuing that mission through my work in the health industry for the rest of my life.

Nichelle Francavilla - Vice President

My name is Nichelle Francavilla and I am from the beautiful rocky mountain state of Colorado. I received my bachelor's degree in Integrative Physiology and Psychology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I am a go, go, go personality keeping busy all the time. I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, going on walks with my two big dogs, and most of all trying out new things. While my focus is currently focused on my Graduate school work, I frequently am trying to explore as much of California as I can before I finish school and move back to Colorado to practice. My passion in life is to make a positive impact on as many people as I can in my lifetime. Being a Doctor will allow me to reach more people than I can even imagine. I value the privilege to be able to be in a position where my education will allow me to give knowledge to others.
Growing up I was outside on my bike the moment school ended and didn't come back in until the sun was setting. Now-a-days our children are consumed by all different technology modalities, our society is cutting out physical activity in school, and to top it off the quality of foods consumed are leaving many American children malnourished, yet overweight. I am so happy to be part of the Healthy Kids Club to begin to combat the lack of education given to our children and even adults in our society about health, nutrition and exercise. The phrase "Knowledge is Power" could never be more true in this epidemic we are facing today in the American Society.

Taylor Cox - Treasurer

Taylor tried most sports as a kid, but ended up liking swimming the best.  He swam competitively for 10 years, including NCAA Div. II in college. Completely immersed in the sport since elementary school, Taylor appreciates the value of group exercise and team bonding as part of a healthy lifestyle.  He is also a certified yoga teacher, and utilizes yoga techniques for mind/body wellness. Taylor graduated UC San Diego in 2010 with a B.S. in Physiology & Neuroscience, and is now a student at Palmer College of Chiropractic West.

Amanda Dluzniewski - Secretary

I'm Amanda Dluzniewski, from Allen Park, Michigan. I received my Bachelors of Science from Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI and began chiropractic school immediately following. I have become fascinated with nutrition and it's ability to maintain optimal health. As a member of the Healthy Kids Club, I help fulfill its mission of reaching out to communities in the Bay area and educate people about proper nutrition and exercise who would otherwise, never receive such education. My goal is to have even the slightest positive impact on the epidemic of childhood obesity and illness. 

Jason Kim - Event Coordinator

Hello! Hola! Jambo!
My name is Jason Kim and from the rainy city of Seattle, WA. I earned my Bachelors of Science at Central Washington University studying Exercise Science. Just a little about myself, I love the game of baseball. I love baseball movies like “Moneyball”, “Bull Durham”, and “Fever Pitch”, and enjoy heading to different ballparks around the nation.After reading a few studies on childhood obesity or “diabesity”, the studies have predicted that 10-15% of kids will pass away before their parents! If I were a parent, I would be devastated. This is why I have joined Healthy Kids Club at Palmer College and lend a helping hand to assist in our programs. I am confident with our team and members that we will provide great service for the San Jose area.

If you’re interested in donating to our cause, please email me anytime at

Deborah Marin - Nutrition Program Manager

Deborah is originally from Grove City, Pennsylvania which is about 45 miles outside the City of Bridges, otherwise known as Pittsburgh. She earned a Bachelor of Science from The Ohio State University where she majored in Human Nutrition and Life Sciences.  After graduating college she conducted nutrition and life skills workshops at a food pantry in her hometown. She is involved in the Kidnetics Project because it enables her to share her passion for nutrition with her classmates as well as children in the community. She hopes that with her help the Kidnetics crew will be able to conquer America's obesity problem one Twinkie at a time