Thursday, October 20, 2011

Event #2

This workout will be very simple and a lot of fun, here is the format:

Workout #2:

There will be an 8 minute time period and each teammate will complete a sandbag run of 120m. This will be in a relay format. Once the sandbag run is completed, the rest of the 8 minutes will be used to perform as many lateral jump burpees as possible. Only two teammates can work at one time and the total score for the event will be the amount of burpees performed by the team. 

  1. 3 x 120M sandbag run (65lbs -men/45lbs - women)
  2. Max. lateral jump burpees 

The sandbag run can be performed however you would like, just get the sandbag from A to B.

Demo for the lateral jump burpee (excuse the music):

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